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Jan 10

50 Tips For A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Meta Ads

  1. Separate your Campaigns based on audience (Cold/Warm/Hot) and promotion
  2. Keep cold audiences BROAD, allow Facebook AI to do the hard work for you.
  3. Always Exclude a 30 – 60 days purchase window from Cold audiences.
  4. Target Facebook engaged, Instagram engaged and Web visits for ALL warm audiences.
  5. Segment Warm Audiences by time (0 – 30 days, 30 – 60 Days 60 – 90 Days).
  6. Target Viewed content and Added to Cart for ALL Hot audiences.
  7. Segment Hot Audiences by time (0 – 7 days, 7 – 14 Days 14 – 30 Days).
  8. Add frames to your dynamic carousels, including things like Afterpay, shipping threshold and discounts. Test which of the three customers find more engaging. 
  9. Utilise Google Analytics to guide you as to what your top converting products are and show you the customer journey.
  10. Even if results are great, test variations of your creatives and your copy, always be learning and growing the ad account.

Google Ads

  1. Bid more aggressively on specific search phrases.
  2. Identify your best-sellers & prioritise your budget accordingly.
  3. Regularly audit & optimise your Google Product Feed to improve your overall performance.
  4. Optimise your strategy for mobile.
  5. Utilise assets to build credibility by adding call extensions, price extensions, structured snippets and more.
  6. Use dynamic retargeting.
  7. Get serious with your negative keyword strategy to improve ROAS.
  8. Ditch broad match keywords.
  9. Create separate campaigns with best-selling groups.
  10. Review your data and test, test, test!

Content Strategy/Creation

  1. Do your research! See what your competitors are posting but also what is currently trending on TikTok.
  2. Use websites like: to help with creating content ideas. 
  3. Write a content strategy broken down by day/week/month, keeping in mind sales, holidays and anything that is relevant to your brand. 
  4. Utilise UGC (User Generated Content) from customers, this helps with building trust.
  5. Keep it organic, organic style content has proven to work best with organic posting but also within paid advertising. 
  6. Influencer marketing – send products to influencers that are relevant to your product, people who follow those influencers are more likely to purchase a product they have never heard of before.
  7. Participate in trends! Make them relevant to your brand, if something is trending is it more likely to appear on people’s FYP or timelines! 
  8. Engage with your audience, if they comment or ask a question: respond! 
  9. Learn to truly understand your audience, after all they are the ones that keep your brand afloat. 
  10. Stay true to your brand voice, after all people are more likely to follow you if they can relate to you.

Website Optimisation

  1. Check your website load speed – ensure it loads within 2 – 3 seconds.
  2. Have links to your social media accounts.
  3. Feature your best selling products on your home page.
  4. Educate and increase your SEO ranking with blog posts.
  5. Optimise your website for mobile viewing.
  6. Use a pop up sign up sheet.
  7. Put product reviews on product pages to build trust.
  8. Include logos and price breakdowns for all Buy Now Pay Later services (Afterpay, ZipPay, Klarna, LayBuy, PayPal).
  9. Utilise customer UGC (User Generated Content) on your site and relevant product pages.
  10. Keep it simple, do not over complicate the customer journey. 

Email Marketing

  1. Encourage email signups on your website with a 10% discount code on entry
  2. Automate your email flows! Welcome Flows, Abandoned Cart, Review Flow, Winback Flow and Remarketing.
  3. Keep your email database warm with relevant and helpful email content.
  4. Utilise SMS marketing – this is an untapped side of email marketing with huge potential.
  5. Use Sunset flows to remove unengaged customers.
  6. Provide countdowns and promotion announcements to build hype and drive sales.
  7. Split test your email campaigns: subject lines, offer wording, images and layout.
  8. Send back in stock email alerts.
  9. Use a well-designed and responsive Email: optimised for both web AND mobile.
  10. Always track your results and see what you can do next to improve your flows and campaigns. 

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