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Aaron Erwich

Dec 15

Did you know email marketing can make up to 30% of your annual revenue?!

Email marketing can be one of the most automated digital marketing platforms for every eCommerce brand and is so frequently under utilised!

By implementing simple steps you can generate large quantities of revenue through one of the most consistent platforms of all time, though things like:

  • Classic A/B split testing
  • Making your emails conversational and less salesy (to avoid ending up in spam folders)
  • Automations are powerful––and still under utilised: Welcome Flows, Abandoned Cart Flows and Review Flows to name a few!
  • Post promotion flows: After big sales events such as Black Friday sending sweep-up emails by pulling a segment of anyone who was on your site during the promotion but didn’t place an order. Send them an extended code for 24 hours.

Our favourite (and recommended) email platforms is Klaviyo not only is it superbly user friendly but integrates flawlessly with platforms such a Shopify, Viralsweep, Facebook and Google! Better yet for brands that are just getting started they have fantastic templates that you can utilise to create email automations (such as the ones mentioned above) but also help build your email database!

Words are great… But the data to back it up? That’s even better!

Here is a client that we implemented basic email flows for in August 2022, as you can see since August 1st they have continued to grow their email revenue each month. Even when introducing Singular email campaigns they were able to nearly DOUBLE their monthly revenue generated with email marketing.

A massive +736.80% INCREASE in generated revenue thanks to a few simple automations!

But wait… There’s more data? 👀

Since September 1st, they have seen a +110.24% INCREASE revenue generated through automated and campaign emails! 93% of which was generated through simple email automations, with an optimised set up your earning potential is limitless!

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