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Aaron Erwich

Mar 28

3 things you need to write good copy

As digital marketing managers, we’ve experienced how strong copywriting helps our clients. Copywriting helps engage and persuade your target audience in marketing campaigns. Copywriting doesn’t require experience. Good copy only requires three things. This article will discuss those three things and how to leverage them to produce successful copy.

  1. Knowing your audience
    This requires understanding your target audience’s wants and motivations. Knowing your audience makes copywriting more effective. Market research, consumer personas, and customer feedback can help you understand your audience. Knowing your target demographic lets you write copy that speaks to their wants and desires.

  2. Powerful Message
    Concise, straightforward, and memorable. It should be clear and relevant to your audience. Define your product’s main problem to start developing a strong message. This underpins your message. You can then write a message that targets your audience and explains how your product or service solves their problem.
  1. Call to action (CTA)
    A CTA instructs your audience what to do next. “Buy Now” or “Sign Up Today” may work. Clear, actionable CTAs are best. It should be straightforward for your viewers. Your CTA should also be visible to your target audience.

How to write copy that converts

Now that you know what makes good text, let’s talk about putting it all together. Tips for writing effective copy:

  1. Use a Catchy Headline
    Your title must grab your audience’s attention. A catchy title is essential. It should be clear and relevant to your audience.
  2. Speak Commonly
    Easy-to-read copy is good copy. Use simple, understandable language. Avoid technical jargon and complicated wording.
  3. Write concisely.
    Good copy is succinct. Make your content quick to scan and identify the most crucial information because your audience has a limited attention span.
  4. Storytelling
    Storytelling helps copywriters. Storytelling makes your message more remembered and emotional.
  5. Testing
    Finally, test your text to check what works. A/B tests, consumer surveys, and monitoring results are examples. Experiment more.

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